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One on One

Allow us to help you maximize your resources!

The Stone Difference…

Stone Laboratories is comprised of experienced dental technicians from both removable and fixed backgrounds. With multiple CDTs on staff and combined experience that spans decades, we can provide insight and feedback that can benefit your day to day operations. We believe in providing an excellent service, not just in the restorations and appliances we create, but also in our customer experience.

The Meeting

We can meet on your time to discuss, not only your laboratory needs, but also how you can incorporate digital technology, with or without an IO scanner, into your practice to increase your efficiency!

We can also discuss best business practices we have encountered through the years.

Topics to Discuss

Digital Technology

With or without an IO scanner, digital technology can benefit your practice! We’ll tell you how.

Best Practices

Case planning, patient documentation, best practices we’ve observed over the years.


Competition is stiff. How can you set your practice apart? We have some ideas.

Schedule Your One on One with our team

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