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Removable – Dentures

All Products Made In The USA


Our Legacy denture is our fully “analog” denture, hand-waxed and processed traditionally in the acrylic shade of your choice. Our Legacy denture features stock teeth. While many labs are doing away with traditionally processed dentures, at Stone we believe the craftsmanship and quality of a traditionally processed denture is an asset to our product lineup.

Signature Heat Injected

Our Signature Heat Injected Dentures are processed using the Ivobase Denture System by Ivoclar. This system combines heat and pressure with advanced materials, resulting in a precise fit and increased patient comfort. The chemical shrinkage of the resin is entirely compensated during polymerization, resulting in virtually no shrinkage during processing.

Milled Dentures

Our Ivotion Milled Denture is our flagship product. The technology accompanying the Ivotion system is truly unique, allowing our technicians to digitally design and mill an esthetic denture with custom-designed PMMA teeth that is stronger than any other milled denture on the market.

Copy Dentures

Using CAD/CAM technology allows us to replicate an existing denture precisely. If your patient absolutely loves their existing denture, send us a scan, or allow to have it for one day to scan it in ourselves, and we can return an exact duplicate for your patient.

Backup Dentures

Want to offer your patient peace of mind? Our CAD/CAM technology also allows us to mill, or print, your patient a back up denture from our design files. We retain these files so you don’t have to!


Along with our partials and dentures, we offer other services to help you take your patient from point A to point B, including: custom trays, bite rims, occlusal guards, essix retainers and more.

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