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Removable – Partials

All Products Made In The USA

Traditional Acrylic Partials

Our acrylic partials are hand waxed and processed by experience technicians. Each partial includes two wrought wire clasps, but more can be added based on doctor/patient preference and retention needs.

Metal-Based Partials

Our metal frames are fabricated in the USA and finished by our talented technicians. If you’d like us to survey your patients model-work and propose a design for a framework, we can do that! If you’d like to design your own framework, you can do that! We are open to whatever works best for you and your patient. We are here to help.

Metal-Free Partials

While metal has been a standard in the industry for years, it is not always an option for patients who have allergies or who refuse metal appliances. Fortunately, advancement in technology and materials allows us to offer Acetal Frameworks. Acetal frames are digitally designed for a precise fit and milled. Acetal frames can be tooth colored or tissue colored. These are great alternatives to patients who cannot or will not accommodate metal frames.

Flexible Partials

Flexible partials are ideal for esthetics and comfort. Our flexible material contains no nylon, is easy to adjust, repair and polish, and is stain resistant.

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