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All Products Made In The USA


There are many zirconias on the market. However, not all zirconia products are the same. Here at Stone, we use only the best – progressive shade change for natural progression from gingival to incisal, incisal translucency and superior shade matching. Our green-state zirconia pucks are made in the USA and designed, milled and finished by our skilled technicians right here in Eastern NC.

Metal-Based Restorations

PFM crowns (porcelain fused-to-metal) are available in base, noble and high noble alloys. Our skilled technicians hand-layer porcelain onto a metal substructure for increased esthetics. Metal occlusals can be designed for heavy bruxers.

FCCs (full cast crowns) are available in white and yellow gold in noble and high-noble alloys, polished to a shine by our skilled technicians.


Stone is proud to offer our Stone Implant Bundle at a competitive price, helping increase your profit margins on implant cases. Our bundle includes a custom designed zirconia crown and titanium abutment, with final screw. Our bundle is available for most major platforms. If you prefer parts directly from the implant manufacturer, we can custom design those for you as well, giving your patients the best possible outcome.

Full-Arch Restoration

Need guidance on a full-arch case? We are here to help. Our technicians can guide you through the process, making sure your patient ends up with a functional and esthetic smile.

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